Week #141

(Date: 30.6.2014 – 3.7.2014)
I continue working on my \(\LaTeX\) template for my thesis. I extend our general template with some useful features and write an extensive Showcase chapter about it. You can check the PDF out over at Github.
I’m really amazed by all the great (small) things you can do with LaTeX — like I am every time I use it. This time, I especially like the siunitx package which takes care for you about everything unit related and then some.

The master version of the LaTeX template resides at André’s Github account. I have write access there and submit all general changes. I forked a version of it to my own Github account. There, I apply not-so global changes, e.g. chapter designs. Locally, the fork gets copied by means of a small shell script1 to a private version of the LaTeX repository. This is the one I’m working on for my thesis, with unofficial, work in progress stuff. And the one backupped up as outlined in the previous post.
Yay, modularity!

In other news this week: Our abstracts for the GPU at HEP workshop in Pisa in September have been accepted.

  1. In theory at least, practically I just copy everything over by hand right now.