Week #142

(Date: 7.7.2014 – 11.7.2014)
I still make some correction on the LaTeX template. But it’s working now – my structure in terms of sections is created.

During the rest of the week I spend too much time on unimportant things: I draw a Feynman diagram of my analysis channel with the fenymp LaTeX package1. And I try to draw a more beautiful P-bar for our experiment’s name. For this, I ask, for a first time, at tex.stackexchange.com and get a great answer. Based on the reply, I make a beta version of a package for LaTeX.

On Friday I finally come back to coding for my analysis channel. I start moving over from the Fast Simulation, which only has a parameterized version of the detecter included, to the Full Simulation, which properly takes care of all the propagation through matter.

  1. Btw: Do you know feynmp-auto