Week #151

(Date: 7.9.2014 – 12.9.2014)
Sunday we leave to Italy for our Collaboration Meeting in Italy – Frascati to be precise. It’s quite a nice place and we have some good discussions.

On Tuesday evening, right during Apple’s keynote thingy, my colleague and I head from Frascati to Pisa. We leave the meeting for another meeting, the GPU at High Energy Physics conference.
On Thursday morning I present our GPU stuff, including some new animations for the Hough transform. My talk is alright, also within the short amount of time.
The workshop itself is really very interesting. High-level topics and discussions. There’s lots of info about what other experiments are doing in terms of GPU. I have a few ideas, which I even need to note down to not forget them. Wohow.

On Friday afternoon I head back home from Pisa airport. Since I leave between sessions I’m 10 minutes early for the bus to get me to the airport. So I decide to walk the distance, as 10 minutes is roughly the difference anyway. Turns out: Pisa is really not that big of a city. Although a beautiful one.