Week #153

(Date: 22.9.2014 – 26.9.2014)
On Wednesday I have two meetings.
First, at 10:00, I have an online call with a researcher from another experiment I met at the GPU at HEP conference. We discuss our respective approaches to tracking. Our experimental setup is quite similar and we face comparable challenges.
An hour later colleagues from GSI arrive and we discuss the rest of the day about a new approach of data transfer: Message queues using ZeroMQ. We are making use of their toolkit to transfer data between a CPU and a GPU. And they want our feedback. Cool!

The rest of the week I program on my peakfinder and write a few more sentences for my thesis.

Also, we got the offer to make an extended version of our ICCS Triplet Finder paper which actually is going to be printed into a proper journal. It has to get 30 % more content, though. My part: Add algorithmic description content. I write a first draft and send it around on Thursday, so everyone still has time to check it out in detail. Deadline is next week’s Tuesday.