Week #154

(Date: 29.9.2014 – 2.10.2014)
Monday and Tuesday the last work on the Triplet Finder paper is done. My colleague of the supercomputing centre did, again, most of the work for this one. Both GPU content-wise, as editorial-wise. We have some good results, though – I look forward to show them to you once this paper is, hopefully, published.

Tuesday I have a talk in our experiment’s software’s online meeting, presenting a shorted version of my summary about the GPU at HEP conference. Slides are password protected, as it’s the content of other persons’ talks. The word of pass is the name of the conference, all small, no spaces.

Wednesday I meet with my professor to discuss my current thesis status: I could be further. Lots of writing still to do!

On Thursday I start implementing my Hough Transform into our experiment’s software framework. Not that easy and I need help for that.