Week #155

(Date: 6.10.2014 – 10.10.2014)
Sketches of Track Finding ideasLast week, after submitting the Triplet Finder paper to the journal, I send the version around in our collaboration. This was too late, though, so there is some discussion on how to righten this. Quite an uncomfortable situation, but eventually we figure out where stuff went wrong. Next time it’s going to be better.

On Wednesday I present our work at the NV Application Lab workshop #2 here in FZJ. It’s the usual talk, but with some updated, preliminary results.

On Friday I find time to skype with a colleague in Pavia to discuss some new tracking algorithm ideas I have. It’s nice to talk to someone and present the stuff, but I don’t think I could motivate the colleague to have a look at the algorithms more deeply – because I myself lack time to do so.
The sketches of the ideas I made are shown on the right. You also find the SVG and PDF in my Graphics repo on Github.

During the last week I presented one of the ideas to my advisor. He seemed to like it and started implementing the idea into our computing framework. Good, because now it gets done (and much fast than I ever would be able to), not so good, because I liked to have done it (but: time).

Writing lots of stuff for my thesis, in between.

During the last weekend I took the time to write a small script, measuring the amount I wrote for my thesis by means of the shell utility wc and posting it to a local and a remote database. Also, there’s a PHP file displaying the result by means of a bit of JavaScript. It’s going to become a temporary part of my quantified self stuff at quantified.andreasherten.de, so the current URL is just temporary. Here’s a screenshot, though… (I will also upload it to Github, eventually.)