Week #156

(Date: 13.10.2014 – 17.10.2014)
Having turned 30 just Sunday (happy birthday to me!), I take this week wholly to prepare for my talk on Thursday. At 10:30 I present in our PhD physics seminar about CP violation.
As a frequent reader of this logbook you know that I did this before (here are part one and two). Continuing my master plan, I focus this time on the CKM matrix, the different parameterizations and the unitarity triangle. Especially the last thing is something I always found fascinating, once understood during particle physics lecture, forgot again, and now worked my self into during this week.
So, although it’s quite stupid to spend such a huge amount of time in the hot phase of my thesis doing something else, it’s a) physics (yay!) and b) quite interesting.

I still write some words on my thesis during the evenings.

During the last couple of weeks I also made some changes in my LaTeX file. The template file, which has all customizations but no content, is pretty much up to date.
The project is now using BibLaTeX (and not BibTeX) in a fully customized version, has a modified draft mode, displays the current Git tag and compilation timestamp throughout the document, and does lots of nifty stuff more (no round corners for \todo{}s, yay!).
LaTeX has a great outcome, but fiddling with it is part of the fun as well.

In other news: My contract got extended. Six more month to go.