Week #163

(Date: 1.12.2014 – 5.12.2014)
Said meeting with my prof is on Tuesday. Since there’s lot’s of stuff to do, I spend the weekend and Monday sprinting towards the appointment. I am able to produce the requested plots and stuff, but don’t have time to do much more.

Wednesday is a radiation protection course (luckily not that long, though). And Friday we go to Wuppertal to participate in a colleague’s defense.

During the rest of the week – and the rest of the weekend – I prepare a talk for the collaboration meeting next week. The meeting is actually here in Jülich, so there’s fortunately not that much traveling involved.
Unfortunately, though, since I worked for my thesis the last few days, I still have a lot of work to do to show results from the GPU implementation of the Circle Hough algorithm. No thesis writing this weekend, but algorithm programming.