Week #165

(Date: 15.12.2014 – 19.12.2014)
The kind-of last week before Christmas. Not much life in the institute. But: On next week’s Monday we have our next appointment with our prof, so there’s lots of stuff to do.

So, while programming the tasks given last time for the next meeting, I decide to tidy up a bit – my code bases got messed up during the last timely-sensitive programming sessions. Also, my common.cpp file is no commented and up in a repo.

Also, I start looking into the strange timings behavior of my GPU Circle Hough program on the Maxwell machine. For debugging it, I extract the GPU functions into a light-weight standalone tool – the ROOT overhead introduced by the integration into our experiment’s framework is too complicated to find anything useful. Unfortunately, with extracting it, I also don’t see the strange timings again. More investigation needed, but at a later point.

Additionally, there’s a colleague from GSI here in Jülich holding beam test. The colleague is involved in getting our experiment’s basis software framework running on OS X. With his support, I manage to get the latest ROOT version running on my computer, as well as all the tools necessary for our experiment’s software. A bit of (time-consuming) work, but else pretty much straight forward.