Week #168

(Date: 5.1.2015 – 9.1.2015)
First week in the office after ›vacation‹.
I’m preparing hit and decay point studies — plots, answering the question: How many times have different sub-detectors been hit by tracks of a certain event. And where do the particles of this event decay? I’m writing classes for our simulation framework.
Again, it seems to be beneficial to condense data first into ROOT tuples / trees and then write dedicated scripts to evaluate the trees. You’re so fast in generating neat comparison plots, if needed.

Next week, the next meeting with my professor is appointed. Lots to do until then.

During the weekends I write stuff in my thesis, as I usually do it by now every weekend. I finally manage to finish up my detector chapter. It did grow much too large :/.

As I’m writing these week reviews, I notice, that I for some time now did not really have weekends. Looking forward for when this is eventually going to change again.