Week #169

(Date: 12.1.2015 – 16.1.2015)
Tuesday: Software online meeting. I work in parallel, but it’s never as effective as being undistracted.
Wednesday: Appointment with my Professor. It goes decent, I have to produce some more plots, but not so much that I don’t have time to continue with my general work. That’s good.
So I adapt my code and generate additional plots and start working on benchmarking our tracking algorithm.

I read a bit into how to run jobs on GSI’s supercomputer and manage to submit my first jobs. Since I’m at it, I give a short summary in the Thursday’s institute meeting. 30 Minutes for a presentation. Not bad. With some help from André.

During the weekend I start with my thesis’ chapter on theory. Maybe one of the hardest, since it’s always tricky to summarize stuff you’re not very fluent in and being concise in the writing.