Week #171

(Date: 26.1.2015 – 30.1.2015)
What a busy week!
Monday I present the current status of my slides to my professor and supervisor. It’s pretty much alright, but there are some changes. And, of course, I don’t have all the slides ready yet. There’s still some things to do before the test talk on Thursday afternoon.

I run jobs on the supercomputing cluster, adapt and extend the tracking qualification code and create some slides.

The test talk on Thursday works out alright, but the last chapter, the first graphs of my analysis / event reconstruction, are subpar. I have to reorder, remake and refocus what I show. With some help from my professor I have some ideas of how to tackle that problem.

Friday I stay at home and start working on redoing my analysis. That’s also the task for the rest of the weekend: Saturday and Sunday morning – continuing to create ne graphs; Sunday afternoon and evening – get rid of the mistakes in the talk.
I also run a million background-like events to see how my event reconstruction works there.