Week #172

(Date: 2.2.2015 – 6.2.2015)
Monday: A meeting with the professor. I present the new analysis slides I made over the weekend, and also the rest of the new slides. I’m much more comfortable with the talk now. During the rest of the day I make final finishing touches and extract last numbers from some running analyses. I’m now at 60-something slides – and when I testtalk the talk in the evening, it takes me around 60 minutes. Well, it should’ve been 45.

Tuesday: My talk is finally going to be held. And, I match exactly my 45 minutes time slot. Not so good: I was holding the talk spontaneously in German. I’m missing quite a few words of the GPU- and tracking-jargon. But, I think, all in all, it goes quite smoothly.

During the rest of the week I can finally tackle stuff, which was leftover over the last weeks: Work on the requested corrections for my GPU conference proceedings. And write the yearly report for the institute.
I do that on Tuesday and on half of Wednesday. Both Wednesday and Thursday I stay at home and write some more chapters in my thesis. I have to get some writing done!

On Friday I’m back in the institute to run some more analysis. I discover a bug in my code, but decide to fix it only next week.