Week #174

(Date: 16.2.2015 – 20.2.2015)
Sunday was the first day in a long time in which I only worked for half a day. The afternoon I spend celebrating carnival. Yay, but: That has to be compensated, right?

Monday is a kind-of-vacation day (Rose Monday), so I stay at home and write some stuff. The rest of the week I spend looking more in my charge asymmetry. Tuesday I make a lot of plots, of a lot of quantities, which I discuss with my supervisor an Wednesday.
Also on Wednesday I prepare a talk in our institute’s group meeting I have on Thursday. It’s more or less the talk I held in Bochum a couple of weeks ago, but without most of the GPU stuff and some more plots on the charge asymmetry (as I’m creating them at the moment). The talk works out alright, there are some interesting questions and discussions afterwards, which I’m (most of the time) able to answer.

During Thursday’s afternoon I explain a bit my GPU Circle Hough code to a colleague of mine, as he’s the one going to implement it further in the course of the next weeks. On Friday I stay at home and have a productive day in writing.