Week #180

(Date: 30.3.2015 – 3.4.2015)
I meet up with one of the colleagues of the supercomputing centre and discuss some fresh GPU results. He gives me a good hint of how I can easily gain a bit more performance. As the GPU chapter is largely ready, I give it to my professor for reading. Although I initially wanted to postpone the additional performance improvement implementations, I (of course) took some late hours to implement them and generate the appropriate corrected plots.

I had the idea to visit my family in their winter vacation starting Thursday. I was torn between going and not going, but finally decided to stay at home. The work I did during the pro-longed easter weekend was quite a lot, I’d have never been able to do all this amount of work in the hotel in the Alps. So, as it turned out, it was a sad but the right decision to stay at home.