Week #182

(Date: 13.4.2015 – 17.4.2015)
There it is. The last week of my PhD writing.

On Monday I give my professor a first, complete version of my thesis. I’m still needing some feedback, which now comes in during the days. I work late hours in the institute and, after that, at home. Finally, in the night to Thursday, I get the »All OK!« from my professor to go printing tomorrow on Thursday.
I had organized everything for that already. The plan: Go to the copy shop at 9:00. Print. Drive to Bochum around noon and hand in latest at 16:30, possibly earlier. The problem with the plan: A power outage at the university of Bochum. The university is closed on this fucking Thursday and I can’t hand in!!! But I do need to hand in on that day in order to sign the new contract with the institute, which starts tomorrow. After some telephoning, I negotiate to hand in the thesis on Friday morning, very early, and go directly to the institute afterwards for signing the contract.

So, in the end, everything worked out alright and since the 17th of April I’m not a PhD student anymore, but have a proper contract, and now wait for my date of defense. Yay!
As soon as I have defended and the thesis is accepted officially, I will post it here and tell you a bit more. It was quite some intensive last weeks. Puh.

Also, on Wednesday, I handed in an abstract for a physics conference in Groningen (NL) to talk about some physics stuff.