Week #182+8

(Date: 7.6.2015 – 12.6.2015)
Sunday morning I start traveling to the airport, to Stockholm, to Uppsala. Everything works alright. First notice that evening: That crazy Swedish night with just barely gets dark! Crazy!

On Monday, the meeting starts.

My talks are both on Tuesday. Both run well.
The analysis talk is pretty much the only report in the session, so I can give myself time beyond the 20 minutes, originally allocated. Some questions, some discussion, but in the end every thing is good. My analysis is pretty much accepted.
The talk on Doxygen had just a handful of interested listeners, but that’s alright. Despite my usage of cute PANDA GIFs…

Another important part of the meeting is us young researchers writing a letter to the ministry on the recent questions in funding of our experiment. It’s quite an effort to write a moving and sound letter on behalf of a whole group of people. But we managed.
Apart from that: Sweden is great. I like it there.