Schlagwort-Archiv: PandaRoot

Documenting PandaRoot with Doxygen

Slides: 15
Duration: 20 Minutes
Occasion: Collaboration Meeting
Location: Angstrom Laboratory, Uppsala, Sweden
Date: 9.6.2015
Background of Audience: Physicists

A talk on how to use Doxygen with our experiment’s software framework. Both a reminder as well as an introduction for new users. With (non-working) panda GIFs for additional cuteness.


Analysis with PandaRoot

Slides: 36
Duration: 150 Minutes
Occasion: Special Seminar Talk
Location: Institute für Kernphysik, FZJ
Date: 20./27.5.2015
Background of Audience: Physicists

I thought that after programming a lot during the final months of my thesis, it might be good to share the things I learned. The beginning is very PandaRoot-specific, while the end deviates it bit into the more general.