Schlagwort-Archiv: Weekly Report

Week #182+3

(Date: 4.5.2015 – 8.5.2015)
This week has two items on my agenda.

First, I finish the analysis note and upload it to the collaboration’s document server. Initially, this doesn’t work and needs some back-end fixing from the administrator. But finally, everything’s alright.

Second, I read up on Doxygen, the code documentation tool, and start a page in our software wiki on it. During working on my thesis, I found the lack of code documentation really frustrating. The problem might be that people are fearful of using a documentation tool because they do not know how to handle it. Hence a tutorial on Doxygen. Let’s see if I can also hold a talk on that during the next collaboration meeting. I will surely talk as well about my analysis then.

During the institute’s meeting on Thursday we discuss the status of some analyses and I propose to meet up among all the people actually doing analysis. Meet up to discuss and exchange ideas. Let’s see how that goes. The responses were throughout the spectrum of »great« and »meh« and »hmmm«.

Week #182+2

(Date: 27.4.2015 – 30.4.2015)
In order to show my results on conferences, they have to be approved by the collaboration. For that, I have to prepare an quasi-internal analysis note. This is basically the analysis chapter of my thesis, but put out of context in an individual document. I start preparign the note during this week.
And also do lots of other small stuff.

Week #182+1

(Date: 20.4.2015 – 24.4.2015)
New numbering scheme: After week #182, in which I handed-in my thesis, I now count the weeks until my defense.
First post-thesis week. It’s quite a different kind of working without this huge, life-changing deadline swinging damoclesian over my head.

I start the week with tidying up what I left lying around, code-wise. I was quite sloppy in my nervous last few weeks. On Wednesday, I drive to GSI to give the colleagues there a bit of feedback on the way I did my analysis – and also ask them some open questions. I found out something I can do better, which I intend to do in the next weeks.

Week #182

(Date: 13.4.2015 – 17.4.2015)
There it is. The last week of my PhD writing.

On Monday I give my professor a first, complete version of my thesis. I’m still needing some feedback, which now comes in during the days. I work late hours in the institute and, after that, at home. Finally, in the night to Thursday, I get the »All OK!« from my professor to go printing tomorrow on Thursday.
I had organized everything for that already. The plan: Go to the copy shop at 9:00. Print. Drive to Bochum around noon and hand in latest at 16:30, possibly earlier. The problem with the plan: A power outage at the university of Bochum. The university is closed on this fucking Thursday and I can’t hand in!!! But I do need to hand in on that day in order to sign the new contract with the institute, which starts tomorrow. After some telephoning, I negotiate to hand in the thesis on Friday morning, very early, and go directly to the institute afterwards for signing the contract.

So, in the end, everything worked out alright and since the 17th of April I’m not a PhD student anymore, but have a proper contract, and now wait for my date of defense. Yay!
As soon as I have defended and the thesis is accepted officially, I will post it here and tell you a bit more. It was quite some intensive last weeks. Puh.

Also, on Wednesday, I handed in an abstract for a physics conference in Groningen (NL) to talk about some physics stuff.

Week #181

(Date: 6.4.2015 – 10.4.2015)
After a weekend with long, nightly hours, I deliver the chapter about my analysis to the professor in this week. It’s quite a piece. There are some finalizing words missing. Also, some plots need to be re-made and adapted, and a new idea needs to be coded, run on data, and evaluated. Yay. Just what I needed in this last few days to calm my nerves.
Also, I work in some corrections on my stuff.

Week #180

(Date: 30.3.2015 – 3.4.2015)
I meet up with one of the colleagues of the supercomputing centre and discuss some fresh GPU results. He gives me a good hint of how I can easily gain a bit more performance. As the GPU chapter is largely ready, I give it to my professor for reading. Although I initially wanted to postpone the additional performance improvement implementations, I (of course) took some late hours to implement them and generate the appropriate corrected plots.

I had the idea to visit my family in their winter vacation starting Thursday. I was torn between going and not going, but finally decided to stay at home. The work I did during the pro-longed easter weekend was quite a lot, I’d have never been able to do all this amount of work in the hotel in the Alps. So, as it turned out, it was a sad but the right decision to stay at home.

Week #179

(Date: 23.3.2015 – 27.3.2015)
Finishing touches on the GPU chapter.
While quite interesting, it’s also relatively hard, as I have to tackle really old code, which I didn’t touch for quite some time. Luckily, I was able to generate most of the performance plots in the most-intensive weekend, yet. I spent many nightly hours to generate plots for the different analyzed algorithms.

Week #178

(Date: 16.3.2015 – 20.3.2015)
One month left!
I meet up with my professor an Wednesday again1 to show the changes I built into the analysis during the weekend.
In addition, I make large progress on the GPU chapter of my thesis. It’s going to be proof-read-ready in a few days.

  1. At least that’s what my calendar says. 

Week #177

(Date: 9.3.2015 – 13.3.2015)
I work a lot on my physics analysis. In addition, I write the last words on my introductory chapters. Let’s put introductory into italics: introductory. Because the part, which covers physics, the FAIR facility, PANDA and PANDA’s DAQ is actually quite extensive. Especially on the PANDA DAQ I spend some time explaining the read-out concept of the experiment.
On Thursday, I have again an appointment with my professor to discuss the analysis and next step. I give him the last part of my introduction, so he can read some stuff already.

Week #176

(Date: 2.3.2015 – 6.3.2015)
Writing and programming. Probably some new ideas, which totally destroy my schedule of writing…